The Immense Importance of Brain Torchin’s HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is the creative genius behind HCRC Staffing. HCRC Staffing is a firm that works to connect employees and employers in the health care and legal industries. HCRC Staffing was founded in 2007.

Torchin knew that one of the biggest problems in the health care and legal industries was employee turnover. In addition, he also knew the importance of having qualified legal and medical professionals ready at a moment’s notice.

The advantages of using a staffing firm like HCRC Staffing are benefits for both company and employee. A staffing company gets to know potential clients more than at a typical office interview environment.

Finding out more about each potential client enables HCRC Staffing to make matches that benefit both the company that needs staff and the job-seeker.

HCRC Staffing is great for a job-seeker, as they are provided with resources to learn about which company they would be the best match for. Ensuring that companies find employees who aren’t just good at what they do but mesh well with the company is a big concern.

When employees enjoy the corporate culture of the business they work for, they are more likely to stay with the company, which reduces the risk of employee turnover.

Brian Torchin has created a staffing company that provides professionals for some of the most well-respected industries in the world. HCRC Staffing proudly offers job placement for attorneys, chiropractors, physical therapists, office managers, and paralegals, to name a select few.

From it’s humble beginnings in 2007, Torchin has grown HCRC Staffing into a well-known and admirable staffing company.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Madison Street Capital Wins at the 11th Annual Turnaround Awards

Madison Street Capital was named the winner, by the M&A Advisor, of the 11th Annual Turnaround Awards. It won in the category of the Restructuring Deal of the Year (Under $25MM). Madison Street Capital will be presented with the award at The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, FL.   The M&A Advisor began honoring the best
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The Investment Guru In Capital Group’s Timothy D. Armour

Timothy D. Armour maintains that there is no crystal ball that can foretell which funds will outperform. In order to make a reliable prediction on funds, a simple two-filter can be utilized and this filter is low expenses and high manager ownership. He does not buy into the notion of randomness when it comes to
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New York People Will Truly Benefit From The Madison County Courier

Attorneys for people in all areas of New York are now extremely easier to find. This has been made possible through the Madison County Courier. This is an online establishment that was put together by the New York Bar Association and a national bar association called This service is completely free, and nobody has
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Five star setting for a health services provision center; the Copa Star

To many people, the word hospital is synonymous with sadness, boredom and even pain and discomfort. However, there is one Brazilian investor who is trying to change the perception that people have about hospitals. The Copa Star is a Hospital that has been constructed to combine the goodness of a 5 star hotel with the
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Lip Balm Evolves With EOS

The evolution of lip balm began around seven years ago when Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller of Evolution of Smooth decided it was time to make some changes in the oral care industry. The duo banded together to create the startup EOS lip balm. EOS has grown rapidly in popularity since its humble start. The
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Fabletics is a fashion company that has grown to a $250 million worth business in three years. Its main strategy is a subscription mechanic which it uses to market its products; this is a component of the active wear campaign which is underway. Gregg Throgmartin is the General Manager of the fashion company. At Fabletics
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Sam Tabar’s Achievements and Contributions to the Society

Tabar’s Charity Works The world cheers Sam Tabar for his instrumental roles and contributions in the society. After his graduation, Sam joined the legal and investment systems. In the path of building his career, he was impressed by the idea of changing lives in societies across the world. Therefore, Sam invested in non-profit organizations like
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Marc Sparks: Helping Young Entrepreneurs Find Success

Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist living in Dallas, Texas. Sparks runs Timber Creek Capital and has a portfolio that contains companies in a wide range of industries. He earned a reputation for going from a C student in high school that eschewed college and instead started and ran a series of
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The Vision Of Madison Street Capital Works For RES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital, the major international investment management firm has helped in arranging minority equity and debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. Madison was acting as the exclusive financial advisor to ensure the financial transaction. ARES Security Corporation is a Virginia-based enterprise security risk management firm that provides various customized and comprehensive software security solutions.
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Thursday, March 30, 2017