Diverse African Adventures With Wild Ark

Conservationists are unique individuals; therefore, their ideal adventures in Africa range from camping in the African bush to staying in a well-appointed lodge in a game reserve. Both types of destinations support eco-conscious tourism as well as the local community involved in conservation efforts to protect important biodiversity areas. Africa offers exceptional experiences for people who want educational experiences, who enjoy wildlife photography expeditions and people who simply need a relaxing vacation.


For men and women who are interested in exploring big game country, Wild Ark partnered with EcoTraining to operate field guide training adventures, which are ideal for eco-conscious individuals interested in a field guide career or people who want to learn about being wise stewards of the environment. Adventurous souls who would enjoy camping in unfenced areas will enjoy this immersive training experience. Participants will camp with other like-minded men and women who have come to appreciate the land.


Not all conservation-centered destinations involve sleeping in a tent; luxurious, relaxing lodges in Africa often engage in activities that benefit the local community and the natural environment. Frequently lodges offer tracking safaris or wildlife photography trips in vehicles throughout the reserve.


Wild Ark arranges trips to the Londolozi in the Greater Kruger National Park. Londolozi’s game lodges offer magnificent accommodations and exceptional cuisine in an idyllic setting. Conservationists will appreciate that the Londolozi operates a land management program that helps the land retain water, thus helping the local community and attracting wildlife. Since conservationists operate Wild Ark, they offer trips to conservation-centered destinations with local partners who educate guests about conservation.


Eco conscious travelers will find that Africa offers vacations and educational opportunities with minimal impact on the environment. While visitors travel to Africa primarily for the wildlife and the adventure, many come home with something more valuable than photographs; they come back with the realization that it is up to them to become caretakers of the environment in whatever way their lifestyle permits.


Visit http://wildark.com/ for more information.




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Friday, May 26, 2017


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Friday, May 26, 2017