Anil Chaturvedi is a seasoned Indian banker, who grew up in India as well as pursued most of his educational qualification in the same country. He has more than forty years’ worth of experience in the banking industry. Therefore, he understands the banking sector quite well, and also he has tremendous experience in Investment banking, Private banking as well as Commercial banking. Moreover, he has an exceptional reputation in his professional pursuits on the banking matters.

A financial field has several challenges facing it, but Anil Chaturvedi trusts that success in banking world would require patience and persistence. Therefore, with the strong-willed heart, one cannot find these challenges as a limitation of his Business pursuit. His career success has not been an easy journey thus the education he got from pursuing his degrees, aided in opening great doors for him in the corporate world. As a career man, he has been able to serve several organizations and financial institutions as a senior banker. Also, in the process of actualizing his passion for banking Investment, he has been able to work in several prestigious financial firms in different geographical areas of the world.

In his career, Anil Chaturvedi has held various prominent positions such as the Branch Manager of the Indian State Bank. He enabled the bank to experience continual progress while he was its manager of business development and marketing. It was also what aided Anil to acquire the title of man of the year at the Indian State Bank. Later on, he worked as the Country head of North America, and also Anil has worked at the Grindlays Bank in New York. In Grindlays Bank, he worked as its Vice-president and the managing director of its operations. He continued to be associated with the bank for several years until he joined Merril Lynch where he worked for seventeen years.

Today, Anil Chaturvedi works at the private banking as the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank in Switzerland, and he has aided in making it accessible due to his unique and efficient marketing strategy. Also, he has made several attempts in making it successful through bringing more business to India from the Indians settled in Europe.

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