Orange County is home to many community colleges including Orange Coast College (OCC). OCC hit the headlines recently, precisely on the 14th of this month, when the college commissioned a state of the art recycling center. Although for over 45 years OCC has had a recycling center, the new center is the talk of the town and for all the right rights. Learn more:

Constructed with a budget of over $7.5 million and for over 16 months, the modern recycling center is a major improvement from the old one. The new facility features new classrooms, offices, and a conference hall among other new additions. Because the new recycling center is located on a five-acre piece of land unlike its processor that is located on a one-acre farm, the modern recycling center offers a bigger parking space for vehicles. Also, the design of the new recycling center incorporates eco-friendly sources of energy. For example, some of the rooms in the new center have been fitted with solar tubes for indoor lighting.

Users of the new facility are encouraged to bring certain materials for recycling. For example, the new center has an appetite for electronic waste such computers, household waste such as cooking oil, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, paper, scrap metal, etc. Only a few items such as waste oil, automobile batteries, and hazardous wastes are rejected at the center.

It was no surprise that the commissioning of the modern facility attracted many notable guests. For instance, Dennis Harkins and Katrina Foley attended the much-hyped opening ceremony. Harkins is OCC’s president while Foley is Costa Mesa’s mayor. Both had kind words to describe the modern recycling center.

The new recycling center’s completion is an achievement for OCC as it seeks to achieve its Vision 2020. Other developments captured by the Vision include a new planetarium and residential houses for students. Learn more:

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