Securus Technologies is the leading company in the high tech provision in the state. The firm has very may beneficiaries. The firm aims to ensure that all the correctional services in the country gain access to their services. There are 3400 corporations, 2600 correctional services, and over a million inmates who are dependent on the services of the Securus Technologies.

One client says that the mobile track device from the company helped in exposing the mole in their firm. She further explains that it was hard to know who to trust in the company, which adversely affected the communication system of the conglomerate. Everything they discussed ended up in the hands of the competitor. Using the Securus devices, they caught the mole and used the evidence to get him hence restoring the communication system of the firm.

The inmates, on the other hand, are now having a better life in the correctional services. To begin with; the company has considered the inmates who have served very long sentences. This is by providing them with embedded emails that help them gain access to the developments of the world. Through the email, the inmate receives pictures of the outside world.

The users say that this technology has been beneficial because some inmates ended up depressed on being released after long sentences. This is because, with the rapid growth in technology, the inmate finds it difficult to adjust. Some commit crimes knowingly so that they go back to jail.

Such gadgets can be very catastrophic in the hands of the inmates. Some convicts have unresolved issues and bitterness of the people who influenced their arrest. They can, therefore, use the devices to hurt people in the free world. Securus Technologies has taken precautions to avoid such ugly incidences. They must see that the individuals in the free world and inmates are safe.

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