Upolu Island in the Samoa archipelago is a great destination for vacationing if you don’t want to travel far away from home. Immediately upon arrival at Fagali Airport, you can begin your adventures with no delay. Upolu’s rich and deep rainforests are ripe for exploration by the eager visitor. Fagali Airport is set amidst sandy beaches with crystal-clear blue waters. Besides that, there are several museums worthy of a visit. Most of the island inhabitants are of Samoan heritage.

Most foreigners learned about this island from the works of Robert Louis Stevenson. Built in 1999, the Samoan Museum is located in an old colonial building. Take a tour of this museum for a chance to explore this Pacific Islands cultural artifact.

What’s more, there are various activities to keep you occupied during your vacation here. These activities include fishing, deep seas diving, or walking around the city. If you are a food connoisseur, indulge your palate with Samoa’s unique cuisine. Also, Fagali restaurants have the best seafood this side of the Pacific.

Apia city is located just a few miles away from Fagali airport. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to purchase flight tickets to any location on this island. Located close to the airport are many hotels and resorts. Plus, most of them have hot tubs, swimming pools, and private bathrooms perfect for relaxing after a long day exploring this island. Other amenities include air conditioning, room service as well as cab services.

Although Fagali airport is small in world standards, it has full amenities to make your traveling experience a breeze. If you are on an outbound flight to another location or just heading home, its customer service reps are on hand to help make your flight enjoyable. To top that, the airport has a sufficiently staffed, knowledgeable, and capable information desk. Here you can ask any question you have when the need arises. No doubt, the island’s exotic attractions, excellent services, and amenities make any visit an experience of a lifetime!

Fagali Airport’s Social Media: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfEnb3wwtYo

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