Ian King graduated Lafayette College’s bachelor’s in psychology program in the mid-1990s. Though Mr. Ian King was once deeply interested in learning the mechanisms behind human behaviors, cognitive biases, and irrational decision-making, a post-graduation exposure to the world of finance instantly caused him to change his mind regarding his future career.

Mr. Ian King is known by many for founding Intellicoins, a digital publication platform that educates hopeful investors on everything related to cryptocurrencies. Intellicoins is a recent production on behalf of Ian King, though the site offers a full line of crypto-related services, including analysis from the world of crypto’s leading experts, providing readers with minute-by-minute trading ideas that are customized to meet the demands of clients on an individual basis, and weekly live web-based seminars in which Ian King and fellow experts in the field lead discussions on hot topics and current events. View at ideamensch.com to learn more.

Let’s back up a few years – after Ian King completed the four-year psychology program at Lafayette College, he was hired by the well-known investment broker and portfolio management firm Saloman Brothers, where he spent a handful of years executing trades at the prominent firm’s trade of mortgage bonds. Next, he found employment as a lead analyst in the credit derivative department of Citigroup, then came a ten-year career with Peahi Capital as its head trader.

But what is Mr. Ian King up to now?

As well-tenured experts of various fields of work or study sometimes do, Mr. Ian King became a writer for several publications across the World Wide Web. Although King is unarguably proud of his creation and maintenance of Intellicoins, the author’s proudest affiliation to any publication is that of Banyan Hill Publishing.

More about Banyan Hill Publishing and Ian King’s role with the company

While Banyan Hill Publishing does generate revenues, it only does so through consumers’ ongoing subscriptions that offer them unfettered access to top-secret insights from the investment world’s top analysts, as well as digital advertisements that the digital platform hosts.

Although Banyan Hill is certainly involved in the world of finance, cryptocurrencies, and investments, working for a company that generates income through a means other than trading financial instruments is relatively new to Mr. King. Banyan Hill Publishing’s readers have reported being highly satisfied with the publications that Ian King submits to the digital daily-issued magazine, just as if Ian wrote for Banyan Hill all along.

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