Igor Cornelsen is an investor and a retired banker. He was born and raised in Brazil in 1947. He knew the importance of education and attended the First school of engineering at the Federal University of Parana. He studied Engineering and Economics at the same institution. When he graduated from the University he went on to work as an investment banker.

He has a passion for banking and investment. He is a man committed and dedicated to accomplishing his goals and aspirations. In the Era, when computers and calculators are rarely used, Igor used his unique skill and ability to compute interest rates with sliding rules.

As an investment banker, he quickly moved up in his career ladder and was promoted to board of directors of Multibanco and became Chief Executive officer for two years. He moved on to work at Unibanco which was one of the leading firms in Brazil until 1985. He continued his career with London Merchant bank.

Working at this bank opened new doors of opportunities in the investment world for him. Mr. Cornelsen went on with his colleagues to a reputable bank as a representative in Brazil and a member of the board of Directors.

Igor Cornelsen rose to prominence in Brazil as one of the top bankers. He’s an expert in managing the biggest or well-known banks in Brazil. He is also an overseer of a massive percentage of the nation’s entire economy. He is truly a genius.

In 1995, Mr. Cornelsen founded his investment firm rendering the same service to his Clients. Currently, he works as a consultant for both investment and banking industry. Using his expertise to help his clients. As an entrepreneur and visionary, Igor Cornelsen gets excited when he perceives a new trend that will change the market. He believes in getting his information directly from Reuters news instead of analysis produced by other investors.

Igor did not let his failure as an investor in 2007 to discourage or stop him. He persevered as a true entrepreneur. Igor uses his skill as a visionary to find out assets that are depreciating before others. This is a key contributor to his business growth.

Mr. Cornelsen is a true visionary, and masterful in the investment world

More info can be found at https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1


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