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We want to talk a little bit more about behavioral health today before we get into what Ara Chackerian has to say on the matter.

What is behavioral health?

Well, this sort of health is all about promoting well-being in more ways than one. This is inclusive in that it includes an important component of mental health. This form of health has a specialization in the prevention of issues that may occur that would have a high impact on quality of life. For instance, behavioral health will tackle the root cause of depression and anxiety, it will aim to reverse any small signs of the issue before it progresses into something more severe.

As such, this type of health is very important to account for and recognize, this type of health is what should be of high priority for many different individuals. Behavioral health even tackles anxiety and other issues that are in the segment of mental health as well.

What is even more interesting about this form of healthcare is that it focuses on minimizing the occurrence of substance abuse in its many different forms.

As we all know, this is a very important aspect that needs to have more allocation of time and resources because of the fact that the US is in a deep opioid crisis. Drugs such as fentanyl and others have affected many different individuals within the Midwest and other economically troubled regions.

Technology and Behavior

One can see why this segment of life is an important one to look at and that is why Ara Chackerian has invested a significant portion of his time and his capital into the process.

Ara Chackerian and other innovators know that there are different sorts of potential by integrating technology into the behavioral therapy sector. Technology can bring about more advancements and more targeted focus on each individual. The right monitoring, the right tracking and the right communication that is enhanced with technology can allow for different efficiencies that are not present today that would allow for a change in the behavior of the individual.

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