Betsy DeVos, like her husband Dick DeVos, is heavily involved in philanthropy. Betsy realized at an early age that she wanted to do something that would help make a difference in society. She dedicates much of her time to reforming the flaws in our nation. She has been involved with numerous political causes over the past three decades. She even helped lead her husband’s political campaign when he was the Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan in 2006.The couple understand how necessary it is too create solutions to damaging social problems.

Together the pair founded the Windquest Gruop, which Betsy serves as chairman.She is also the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They’ve donated well over 100 million dollars to charitable organizations and causes.Betsy DeVos is extremely happy with the growth of educational choice programs in the nation. In the past few years the movement has grown to include 33 publicly funded, private-choice programs in 17 states. A trend Betsy hopes continues for a long amount of time. To Betsy the growth is attributed to the public coming to the realization that traditional public schools are failing. Because of this the alternative seems more promising.

Betsy’s involvement with the movement started organically when her children became school age. She realized what a hard time some parents were having paying their children’s school tuition and wanted to do something to help. She is a long time supporter of Potter’s House Christian School.Though Betsy is largely focused on the educational choice, she says it is just a small step towards a broader destination. Her ultimate goal is to change the narrative of students being required to go to a school based solely on the zip code of their family’s home. She feels it is unfair for those in bad areas.Betsy DeVos knows she still has a long way to go to make her vision reality but one things for sure she won’t give up anytime soon. Someone as accomplished as she is realizes that true success of Rick takes time and there are no shortcuts.

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