At the end of 2014 banks in Brazil were facing a serious economic crisis. The trouble did not only affect the Brazilian banks but also the banking sector all over the world.

Despite the suffering of the banking industry under the leadership of Dilma Roussef two private banks in the country were recording huge profits and also increasing their shares. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

The banks include ItauUnibanco (ITUB), as well as BancoBradesco (BBD). According Igor Cornelsen who is an investor and an expert in financial matters the only thing that can help Brazil is to have acquaintance of the market as well as involvement over other stormy years.

According to Ask Reporter, the banker; Mr. Igor said that private banks in Brazil are only lending to individuals and organizations which are worthy of credit leaving out the small lenders who are forced to borrow from public banks and other micro-financial firms.

According to Mr. Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian government should avail more market in favor of improvements and financial severity to help investors feel safe. Brazil is rich in resources and it is considered to be one of the largest producer and supplier of food products in Southern America.

Brazil is also one of the attractive countries in the continent in terms of investments due to the need of improving its infrastructure as well as supporting the growing population of the nation.

Igor Cornelsen advises people to basics before they engage in any investment activities. Igor went ahead to create a profile which will not only be of a great benefit to the Brazilian investors but also other investors who would wish to invest in Brazil. The profile is well explained below.

  • 10 Players of the Brazilian Banks: Brazil is named as the eight largest economies in the world and the first one in Southern America. The economic status of the country is influenced by 10 banks which are mostly private banks led by ItauBanco. The bank has expanded since their partnership with Unibanco in 2008. Other banks include; HBS, Banco J Safra among others.
  • Pay attention to China: China and Brazil do business together and Chinese economy will either affect Brazil economy positively or negatively.

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