ClassDojo is a digital communication platform responsible for connecting students, parents and teachers. The reason behind the development of this platform was to create a community that involves school leaders, teachers, and families. With the aim of encouraging skill development, learning and character building of school children. The mobile app enables users to share photos, videos, and student’s performance report. ClassDojo was created by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary when they released the beta version. Within a year the app was used by more than 3 million around 30 countries. Currently, the app is available in many languages, and it has incorporated messaging feature and streaming service. Class Story enables students to create content involving their class activities.

ClassDojo is based in San Francisco, a startup venture based on education technology. The enterprise grew in usability without making any revenue. Its reported that at least one in six families in the US uses ClassDojo app daily. The app has grown in popularity as students-teachers-parent interact to ensure the kid is actively learning in school. However, the company has recently announced a plan to sustain the model by offering a monthly subscription to parents to utilize the app with their children. This new plan is known as “ClassDojo Beyond School,” which provides advanced features. The features include reflection activities, mindfulness exercise, and meditation alongside feedback communication that rewards positive habits. This feature is aimed at helping the parent connect with their children and play an active role in the development of their children character both at home and in school.

The behavior incentivization tool will allow the teacher to add or subtract digital points to the student profile based on their behaviors. Besides, parents will use the tool to award points to their children. The gamified approach is viewed as an effective way to encourage positive action among children. ClassDojo Beyond School also provides videos that help and guide parents to perform meditation and mindfulness exercise with their children. Another exciting feature includes the ClassDojo avatar that students can decorate and customize. All these activities are short lasting at most 15 minutes.

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