Construcap Company is one of the leading construction firms in Brazil. It is committed to facilitating corporate sustainability and develops viable results. The firm has worked for over 70 years serving the commercial, industrial and the public markets. Its main aim is to enhance environmental and social development.

It has maintained respect and appreciation of its staff through their great management policies. Founded in 1994, the company operates in diverse segments including the private and public sectors. It has played a great role in the energy, infrastructure and building sectors.

In 2011, Construcap formed a joint venture with the Flour Corporation Inc. This was meant to pursue procurement, engineering and building administration schemes in Brazil. The company entered into the venture with Flour Corporation to enable them to offer world-class and viable services to their clients in Brazil. However, in July 2012, the company closed its venture with the American Flour Corporation.

The Company’s Training Programs

Construcap’s determination to obtain a competitive edge has led it in training their employees. This is to update the builders with current technologies in the market. It has organized a continuous training schedule for both operational and technical employees. The company has a firm belief that this will reduce the cost of operations and facilitate the meeting of deadlines on time. Moreover, the business will be in a better position to provide creative and innovative solutions to their clients.

Most importantly, it has extended its programs to the non-staff neighboring communities who perform building works. They are not only dedicated to empowering their staff but also the region’s residents to improve their skills in painting and Mason projects.

In addition, Construcap has employed great effort to fight gender inequalities. It has accomplished this by including both genders in the training project.

The Brazilian residents have benefited a lot from the courses. They have received educational materials and safety equipment from the company. This includes books, helmets, and work uniforms. Such materials enhance their suitability for future hiring. The company’s investment in training programs has earned them international recognition. They recently received ENR Global Awards from the Engineering News Record in 2015.

  1. Alondra Wade says:

    Construcap forming a Joint Venture with the American Flour Corporation was a very good thing that the company did, as this was geared toward pursuing procurement, engineering and building administration schemes in Brazil and to enable them to offer world-class and viable services to their clients in Brazil. This would have enable people buy essays online, on the contrary, I was surprised that this was ended in July, 2012. They know best why they terminated the Joint ventureship.