Near the Raritan River located in New Brunswick, New Jersey is an apartment building by the name of The Quincy. Over the years several incidents have happened in this area making this a bad neighborhood to reside in.


Most of the crime committed in this area consists of robbery and shootings which makes the residents uneasy. Here is a review of just two instances of crime that has occurred at The Quincy.


One October 7, 2015 at least one person was shot in an incident involving one known gang member carrying out four separate shootings. A person was hit with minor injuries and is said to be driven to the hospital by the individual that shot him. The police received calls that more bullets from the shooting had been found, so they returned to conduct further investigations. The police warn residents to be aware of your surroundings because these incidences are common for this particular area.


One other incident involved a man delivering pizzas on May 7, 2013. The individual was shot while delivering a pizza at the 200 unit Quincy apartment building. The pizza man was told that no residents ordered any pizza, and headed back to his car, when he reached his car there were men with guns waiting for him. The gunmen took the victims money and pizza then shot him and fled the scene. Police were later able to track an individual they believed was the suspect based on cell phone information. The suspect was charged with robbery and obstruction of justice. He was also hit with charges of unlawful possession of a weapon and giving false information to police.


There are numerous other reports of shootings and domestic abuse calls among this property which makes it a dangerous place to live. Police presence is minimal but increasing in this area as many of the residents are armed with illegal weapons. Police warn residents of this area to be weary of The Quincy, they often hear of women who call to place a pizza order, but end up sacrificing the delivery driver into a trap.




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