Hussian Sajwani is the billionaire owner of DAMAC, which is a real estate company that is located in the Emirates. Though the DAMAC owner is worth an estimated three billion dollars, he got his start in business in the food service industry. During this time he was able to catch the eye of several American companies as well as the construction company Bethel. He began his business in 2002, after the government of the UAE decided to open up business opportunities to foreigners.

Hussian Sajwani noted that many foreigners were the main consumers of apartments in the Emirates. Using this knowledge he set out to buy a plots of land and began construction to create living spaces. His first project was a 38 story residential property. Within his first six months in business, he was able to sale many of the units within this complex.

DAMAC is well known for their glitz and glamorous residential properties. These properties can be found all across the UAE, but the owner has plans to spread DAMAC properties to Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Though the DAMAC started out focusing on residential properties, it soon flourished into the development of leisure as well as commercial properties as well.

During the financial crisis of 2008, Hussian Sajwani was able to successful steer his company through many of the pitfalls of a recession. He utilized conservation as well as intelligent investing to ensure that his company would survive through the recession.

Hussain Sajwani savvy business strategies as well as eye for great rental spaces, caught the eye of another billionaire real estate investor. Donald Trump and the Hussain Sajwani family have worked together to create two Trump Golf courses in the UAE. The first of the two golf courses named The Trump Golf Course Dubai, was just opened in February of 2017.

The second has a set date to open in 2018, and was also designed by world renowned golfer Tiger Woods. In a recent press release Mr. Sajwani stated that his mind was on finding his successor, being that DAMAC is a family business business most people believe his son will inherit it. Mr. Sajwani was reported as saying that his son was too young to be focused on business as of now.

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