Daniel Mark Harrison is a well-known social media expert, entrepreneur and author as well as being the CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison Co. He is also a manager of the funding firm called Monkey Capital. The very latter is a decentralized hedge fund Blockchain investment bank which has been the first to achieve success at selling pre-ICO options.https://thebrotalk.com/bro-bio/writing-career-daniel-mark-harrison/

Harrison studied Theology, Journalism, and Business aggregated from 1998-2008. He has put his knowledge of all three to very successful use. Monkey Capital’s being the first Blockchain to succeed in selling pre-ICO options has led to multiple successful high-quality projects and operations as well as a staff who has earned the company off-the-charts ratings. Harrison alone received a six out of a five-star rating from radio host, Chris Waltzek on August 17, 2017.

Harrison has stated that one of the main goals with Monkey Capital is to be the first in history to creating crowd fund options. This is one venture that no other company has ever taken on before. Harrison and his team are clearly trying to re-invent the wheel of financial funding almost completely.

Harrison is also perhaps the first to famously make literature an outlet for business ideas and discussions. He has so far used references to his own first book, Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphisis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World as such a platform. The book is a combination of real journalism with fiction that attempts to explore the various aspects of millennial attitudes on various subjects.

In journalism, Harrison has also been featured on The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Daily Dot, and Portfolio magazine. Harrison himself is a regular contributor to CoinSpeaker. His most well-known story so far is one that he broke is The End of CoinDesk’s proxy Index, which led to CoinDesk making some necessary and successful changes to the Index.

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