For about ten years, lip balm lovers could only run into the supermarket shelves and choose the Chapstick brand. You only had the option to go wild with the mint or cherry flavors if you did not have a sense of taste for the “original” essence. Thankfully, seven years ago a new brand started featuring in the beauty industry. It started dominating the Walgreens shelves and then extended to Walmart. Within a very short time, EOS had also introduced their varieties to Ulta and Target shelf spaces as well. The Evolution of Smooth (EOS) has also turned out to be the trademark streaking in the beauty magazines. The brand founders confessed to having invested in imaginative products. Their products unify a sense of suppleness, beautiful orbs colors, beautiful scents, sweet-tasting flavors, not to mention the beautiful sphere that pops when closing. See,

Strategies Employed to Foster Continued Growth of the EOS Brand

Something fascinating about the EOS lip balm brand is that they use credible ingredients. Their items are organically manufactured, assuring the consumers of safety. As at now, they are selling over 1 million pieces in a week, hence driving the oral markets in an unusually fantastic manner. The EOS lip balm brand turned out to be a well-thought idea. The co-founders invested quality time studying the markets. They discovered that the brands in the industry competed on price grounds and not necessarily on quality. According to them, it only displayed laziness, which became an ideal opportunity for them to penetrate the fashion and beauty industries.

Observations Made by EOS Co-founders and Their Impact in the Market

Of importance to check with the lip balms is that they unify all the exclusive aspects. They check on hygiene, especially after realizing that most people disliked the pot-looking lip glosses that entered the markets sometime. Every consumer celebrates that EOS is not just another commodity. They came to revolutionize the entire industry. For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page.

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