Many people have great ideas but never pursue them because of fear of failure. Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere is not one of those people. She has long been willing to work hard to make her dreams a reality. If she fails, she learns what she can from the experience and moves on. That is how she ended up creating the wildly successful Lime Crime brand. She used the website from her failed attempt at being a fashion designer and the marketing lessons she acquired while promoting her rock band to create the sensational cosmetics line that has been embraced by people the world over.


The reason Doe Deere has succeeded is because she is always willing to try. To start Lime Crime she had to teach herself how to produce makeup by hand. While this daunting task might have given some people pause, Doe Deere dove right into the process. She wanted colorful makeup and couldn’t find it anywhere. So she made her own. She didn’t have the name recognition or the deep pockets to get it into stores, so she marketed Lime Crime on the internet even though she was told that wouldn’t work. But work it did because Doe Deere was willing to harness her creativity, link it to her passion and try her best.


It’s a lesson she shares with countless female entrepreneurs through her talks and when they contact her directly for guidance and business tips. She doesn’t sugarcoat it. Doe Deere tells them it will take work and some of their ideas may fail. But she helps them to understand that success is a process and failure is often one of the steps in that process. But the key is to continue to press forward towards your goal while taking the steps necessary to make your brand do well. The internet has leveled the playing field for many creative entrepreneurs with limited finances and Doe Deere is one of them.


And Doe Deere has continued to be intimately involved in the creation of the new products her company offers. She tries them herself so her opinion on their quality and effectiveness is authentic. And she is always open to new ideas and not afraid of a challenge. This is the message this inspirational young entrepreneurs shares with women that dream of building companies of their own. She tells them that anything is possible.


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