Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur, published author, public speaker, columnist and philanthropist. He has founded over fifteen companies. He has also raised millions and millions of dollars for projects he has either founded or co-founded.

Raised in New Jersey, Eric began programming his own computers in fourth grade and even started his own database computer company while in high school. After high school, he studied at Harvard University, majoring in English and American literature. He wrote for The Harvard Crimson and also took classes at MIT. He graduated in 1988.

In 1991, Eric Pulier founded People Doing Things (PDT) which addressed health care and other issues through the use of technology. In 1994, he founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency. He helped to build Starbright World, a social network for chronically ill children.

In 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee selected him to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition, called “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. After this exhibition, Eric Pulier participated in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum, advising on different initiatives.

Some of the endeavors Mr. Pulier has founded, co-founded or funded include: Digital Evolution, Akana, Desktone, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, ServiceMesh, Media Platform and US Interactive. In addition to those companies Eric Pulier also invests in venture capital funds and charitable organizations like eCompanies, Monitor Ventures and Trident Capital. He actively invests his time to startup companies in media and technology.

Pulier is a donor to many non-profit organizations and also sits on the board of the X-Prize Poundation, which hosts competitions to solve humanities utmost challenges.

He has been named one of 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business and often speaks publicly at technical conferences around the world.

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  1. Brett Jerry says:

    He also founded The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illnesses. He is a member of The Clinton Global Initiative and is also the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. I would really get to know about these online reviews that are gaining entrance on their newsletters.