Fabletics is a fashion company that has grown to a $250 million worth business in three years. Its main strategy is a subscription mechanic which it uses to market its products; this is a component of the active wear campaign which is underway. Gregg Throgmartin is the General Manager of the fashion company. At Fabletics , they believe that customers will form preference based on ease of obtaining products together with brand identities. They go an extra mile to look at other product values like satisfaction, association to a brand, design and duration which one is likely to be served by the product. Their aim is to be a leading fashion brand like Apple is to electronic gadgets. They currently have 16 branches in several states including California, Illinois and Florida among others, with plans to open even more.


With their membership model, Fabletics is competent to offer specially tailored services and latest fashions at prices lower than their competitors’. Moreover they have been able to build a distinctive brand into the minds of their consumers by understanding what they want and meeting those needs. They have three different strategies that they employ to beat and stay ahead of competition.


Fabletics have turned show rooming into a positive thing. They have discouraged the situation where people browse on online stores but eventually end up not buying by encouraging more than a quarter of window shoppers to be members. Another quarter of shoppers become members once they get into the store. That is not all, when one is shopping and gets interested on a fashion article; it is added to their cart. The fashion gurus also understand that content is critical to success. They stock their stores based on an assortment of elements like clientele preferences, social media attitude and sales trends. Lastly, Fabletics also considers the trade-off between everyday life, consumer know how and business paying off. It’s also obvious that with the current technologies, e-commerce is inevitable.


Reviews by Fabletics customers depict a positive feedback on their end with some acknowledging that they sell stylish and reasonably priced clothes, which are discounted and shipping is free. Their customers feel that the founders of the company care about them as they want them to look good. They also have verona couture women clothing VIP member offers which are further discounted for first time VIPs and they send their customers recommended outfits that specifically suit them. They have been applauded for their easily accessible website, well categorized into sections and have very handy pictures.

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