As the world heads toward another industrial revolution, there are dozens of nations that want to cash in on the upcoming amazing opportunities. In some places, the fourth industrial revolution has already begun, and they’re reaping the rewards of being prepared and able to capitalize on those opportunities.

For much of Latin America, the focus has shifted toward completing their infrastructure projects, to prepare for Industry 4.0 revolution. Unlike other places, Latin America has the advantage of being united in ways that other nations aren’t. In Latin America, many countries operate with the standards and trends of the Inter-American Development Bank.

Earlier this year, the Inter-American Development Bank met with high-ranking governors and ministers of finance from all over Latin America to discuss the best way to complete their infrastructure projects. The gathering, officially called the Special Meeting of Governors, was international news. Felipe Montoro Jens, a Latin American infrastructure projects expert, covered the meeting. Visit their website to learn more.

At that meeting, Dyogo Oliveira spoke to the Inter-American Development Bank, encouraging them to, not only promote studies showing that private investments are the more efficient solution but also to encourage them to create a system or mechanism that allows underdeveloped countries to facilitate and leverage more private investments.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, Oliveira’s argument went over well; it was supported by Luis Caputo, Argentina’s Finance Minister and Chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors, as well as the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support of Spain.

While the gathering had several speakers, it seemed like everyone was saying the same thing. Everyone was focused on completing more infrastructure projects in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution. Even the Inter-American Development Bank announced its support of private investments.

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