Some people are unaware that the South American country of Brazil really fuels the 5th-largest economy on the globe. Igor Cornelsen is an expert Brazilian business guru who knows his native market better than almost anyone. He has developed networking into a fine art in Brazil’s high society of the elite government and business leaders. All the nation’s top investment bankers know Igor Cornelsen. They also rely on his advice in the integration of new investment technologies into their investment tactics. You might say that Cornelsen has discovered a secret stash of pearls in a vast, different kind of oyster farm.


Cornelsen has an amazingly complete knowledge base in his mind of not only every person of interest, but all things business. Beyond the basics, he is also a font of all general knowledge, including the sub-cultures of Brazil, the current issues with the environment and how his country is addressing these issues, and in the specific knowledge of assisting with professional advice on foreign investments. Many outside investors have Cornelsen to thank for many successful investments in Brazil’s huge industrial complex.


There have been a number of really giant deals that Cornelsen has facilitated, based upon his high level of business education and long experience. Igor Cornelsen will tell you of the wall-to-wall small businesses that thrive in the open markets of Brazil. In fact, more people have small businesses they operate themselves in Brazil as opposed to full-time corporate employees. Advice is free and ever present there, if you provide the coin. The reasonable fees Cornelsen charges for professional investment advice always pays for itself. Wealth attends those who attend to Cornelsen’s words on investing. His most knowledgeable area of interest is in the agriculture sector.

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