To many people, the word hospital is synonymous with sadness, boredom and even pain and discomfort. However, there is one Brazilian investor who is trying to change the perception that people have about hospitals. The Copa Star is a Hospital that has been constructed to combine the goodness of a 5 star hotel with the great service of a well equipped hospital. The concept has been spread to several other hospitals by the same investor and has gained quite a considerable following. The hospital is located in Copa Cabana and stands out due to its extremely rare concept.

One of the things that the creators of the hospital wanted to invest in was the level of comfort that one experiences when in the hospital. This is the very first thing that you notice when you are accommodated there. The comfort and service in the wards matches that of a five star hotel. This is a move that is aimed at eliminating the boredom and discomfort that people associate with health facilities. The interesting thing about the design is that in addition to the comfort that has been made part of the experience, the staff that is hired to offer services here is extremely trained and qualified in what they do. This means that they offer the best standard of care to their patients and that five star services of a hotel are offered in a hospital setting. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

When the hospitals were being built, the main goal was to ensure that the hospital remains a provider of the best health care in the region. This has been achieved in surroundings that are a little bit unconventional. The hospital boasts 59 ICUs and all of them have been equipped to attend to the medical needs of critical patients. The hospital also has many other services which include saunas, wellness centers, lounges and spas where people can go sunbathing. The suites are spacious and fitted with the best quality of facilities for indoor relaxation. In short, everything about the Copa Star hospital screams of extreme sophistication. The aim is to help the patient let go of some of the emotional stress that comes with the feeling of illness and help them achieve complete relaxation. The aesthetics have been added just as an extra, the main selling point of the hospital is the provision of great medical services to all their clients.

The cost of establishing the hospital is estimated to have reached $115 million. The entire hospital occupies 10,000 square feet of land and it has been hailed by many for being some sort of novelty in the country. It is amazing to see how much can be achieved by simply thinking out of the box.

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