Background Information On Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf currently serves as the president of Brazilian company, Eucatex. Mr. Maluf credentials include a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He also holds a masters in business administration degree that was obtained from New York University. Flavio Maluf has been with Eucatex for several decades. He began working in the exports departments, before moving to manufacturing and management.

Eventually, Mr. Maluf was appointed as an executive at the company and later voted to be the president. Flavio was groomed to lead Eucatex from an early age. He has initiated new management techniques at Eucatex to bolster productivity. Under his presidency Eucatex has also launched new products and opened up new facilities. They include a company line of paints and thinners and patented flooring for trade shows.

President Maluf’s Thoughts On Brexit With Regards To Brazil

President Maluf believes that Great Britain’s exit from the European Union can actually have a positive impact for Brazil. The UK will now be free to sign trade agreements directly between the two countries that could be better for Brazilian exporters than under current EU trade negotiations. The effect from this would be very marginal though states Maluf. The UK only accounts for about 2% of Brazil’s exports. So any gains from better trade deals between Brazil and a newly independent UK would be very small for Brazil’s export industries.

Flavio Maluf’s Thoughts On Brexit And Its Impact on Great Britian And The EU

Flavio Maluf states that Great Britain leaving the European Union can result in Great Britain seeing less foreign direct investment in its country. The ending of the free movement of goods and people between Great Britain and other European Union member states can also have a negative effect on the British economy. Another insight offered by Mr. Maluf is that the British put over 11.3 billion euros into the European Union while only getting around 6.9 billion euros back. Not having to put money into the EU can save the British taxpayer considerable money and let the British invest more into their own country and government services.

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