Hussain Ali Sajwani is the founder, chairman and CEO of DAMAC Group. The DAMAC Group was formed in 1992 and started off as a specialist catering services company. Its headquarters are in Dubai and has several other offices located in North Africa, Middle East, CIS States and Far East. Hussain Sajwani graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Washington.



Hussain Sajwani’s Early Life and Career History



Hussain was born in Dubai to a middle-class family with Omani roots. His father worked for long hours in a store based in Deira Souk and his mother used to hawk goods to ladies in their homes. He learnt a lot from his parents’ stories about the successes, failures and challenges entrepreneurs face. He started selling some timeshare apartments based in UAE before he completed his university education. After he returned home, he quit his public service employment and ventured into business.



Hussain’s company supplied its services to the US military during the two Iraq wars and the conflicts that occurred in Somalia, Bosnia and Afghanistan. He also supplied services to various multinationals working in the oil and gas sectors. He invested in the dotcom bubble through an internet service provider Juno and the He then invested in the property market when Dubai experienced an explosion in this sector in 2001. Sajwani was a pioneer in the property market of Dubai and was involved in building and selling a number of hotels to meet the demand caused by an influx of people coming for trade and business in the country.



Hussain’s Relationship with Donald Trump and Philanthropy



Hussain Sajwani has a business relationship with the Trump Organization, the real estate firm of US President Donald Trump. Trump and Sajwani collaborated in the development of Trump International Golf Club and the project’s luxury villas fetched $2 billion in sales. DAMAC Properties supports a number of philanthropic causes like the Lebanon and Jordan refugees through a cash donation and it supports philanthropic efforts of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE President, and other humanitarian causes.

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