George Soros has fought against authoritarianism almost his entire life. While he was young, he lived in a pro-Nazi Hungary, before escaping to London. Later, he would make his fortune when he immigrated to the United States. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in 1984 in hopes of helping people all around the world who struggled with their authorities.

He has been involved in pro-Democratic politics for decades, becoming a face for liberation and freedom on Soros has become a big player in America’s politics in particular, funneling millions of dollars to organizations like the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter.

With the recent election, George Soros emerged as an avid supporter of the Democratic Party. From the beginning of the Presidential race, he openly showed his disdain for Trump and Republican Party that would seek to remove freedoms rightfully given to the American people.

In the summer of 2016, George Soros stepped forward after having stepped back from politics a little since his fight against George W. Bush in 2004. Emerging as a leading funder of the Democratic Party on Politico, he was not shy of his support of Hillary Clinton, whom he has had a 25-year relationship with. Even though he was always a support of the Democratic Party, this election brought out the passion in him, as he believed the stakes would be exceptionally high during this election.

His massive donations to support Hillary have acted as a catalyst for other donations from large donors on Snopes. He donated over $7 million to a super PAC that supported Clinton while still considering donating $3 million more.

George Soros also donated $2 million to an opposition super PAC that has been targeting Trump another $700,000 to numerous Democratic Party organizations and campaigns. Soros gave another $5 million to a nonprofit organization that is devoted to fighting other organizations that try to restrict voting. He even committed $5 million to a super PAC with the aspiration of increasing minority voting turnouts. Another estimated $3 million was committed to multiple state-based organizations that focus on voter mobilization.

While Soros fully supported and helped fund Clinton’s campaign, that wasn’t and still is not his main focus. He aims to help defeat extreme Republicans who discriminate against minority groups, women, and immigrants. A majority of his funding goes towards small activists groups that aim to continue the fight for democratic justice.

After a shocking election win by Trump in November, Soros met with other donor liberals in a closed meeting to discuss the fight that would be to come. This meeting involved discussions on how the Democratic Party’s biggest donors would direct their money. The meeting was used to discuss means on how to fight back against Trump and the ruling Republican Party.

George Soros lived through the Holocaust and Soviet Communism which sparks his passion and disdain for what Trump stands for. He believes that Trump’s aim is to bring American closer to the society and government that Soros once experienced. Soros (and his money) just won’t let that happen.

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