Up to date, George Soros as the world’s foremost democrat and champion of humanitarian missions has donated over $12 billion to different charities, nonprofits, and humanitarian organization. All open societies and liberal Democratic movements from all over the world that champion human rights, justice, equality and freedom of expression have benefitted from the generous donations of the Soros’ funds. His charitable contributions are not selective, but they embrace or underprivileged members of the community like LGBTI PEOPLE, drug addicts, and sex workers who are discriminated against and have been moved out of the important engagements and participation in the affairs of the society.

The primary reason why the donations George Soros gives target such underprivileged and discriminated people to the experiences he encountered while he was growing up in Eastern Europe. Born in 1930 in Hungary, he grew up during the worst years of the Nazi occupation. The minorities and the Jews were subjected to inhuman treatment, suffering, and death, but instead of submitting to the dark forces of evil, the people valiantly fought back, or they searched for refuge abroad. Soros\s family left Budapest and moved to London where from 1947 he did menial jobs to survive. However because he had a desire to succeeded, he worked as a laborer, a railway porter, and as an attendant in nightclubs.

The money he saved enabled him to pay for training at the London School of Economics, and after the successful completion of his studies, he started working in merchant banks and other financial institutions. When he had saved money and accumulated enough experience, he migrated to the USA, and he began operation in the heart of the financial investment in Wall Street. The fortunes of George Soros started rising, and by 1970 he was able to set up a hedge fund operation known as Soros Management Fund. When he recalled the experiences he went through, Soros decided to establish the Open Society Foundation because he was now a leading and wealthy investor. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

The Foundations he supports are operating in more than 100 countries, and they are comprised of other organizations, humanitarian partners, and democratic movements. They are united in the purpose and belief that without individual human rights, freedom of expression, justice, and equality for everyone, no society can thrive and grow. He is keen in establishing appropriate governance in Eastern Europe and the rest of the developing world like Africa and Asia. The philanthropic efforts he has brought have assisted many students from Africa. His thoughts were influenced by Karl Popper’s philosophy of the Open Society and Its Enemies. George Soros founded the Central European University which his Foundation supports. At 85 years he is the principal of the Quantum Endowment Fund. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

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