Greg Aziz happens to be the president, chairman and the Chief Executive officer of National Steel Car. He joined the company in the year 1984 when it was purchased from Dofasco. Many people call him Greg Aziz, but his real names are Greg James Aziz. His company’s success is as a result of his combined experienced, skills, innovation and also hard work. His success is as a result of trust, commitment, and determination. He happens to be a very humble leader and has always focused on very important things in life. He has also committed his skills for the greater good of the company and his life.


Greg Aziz has had a lot of experience before joining national Steel Car. Greg Aziz worked at his family business immediately after his graduation from the University of West Ontario. His family used to have a very successful food business which they used to do on wholesale. The company was called Affiliated Foods but immediately after quitting the business that used to import food from Europe, Canada and many North American countries left for New York. That is when he ventured into investment banking which he worked for several years. He possessed vast investment experience, and his business has been awesome. He has been on the frontline working towards ensuring that he turns his investments into great schemes that generate maximum profits. Greg Aziz himself has not been left behind working for his company’s success. Click Here For Related Article.


Grez James Aziz possessed great leadership skills in which he applied towards promoting the success of National Steel Car. The company under his leadership have been able to improve its capacity and have also been able to employ so many people. It has been able to receive TTX SECO awards for about a decade consecutively. They have maintained to be the steel car manufacturing leaders and have been able to be the leaders because of their commitment and skills. They focus their attention on producing quality products. They have always been on the frontline listening to their customers, and that has been of great benefit to the company. They are also trusted for meeting deadlines and can deal with complaints immediately. The company is also the North America’s steel car manufacturers that are ISO certified which is as a result of continued commitment and have always focused on their future rather than their previous success. Their commitment towards their goal makes them the market leaders.



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