IMPACT Basketball Center has a new name. From January 21, 2019 it will be called the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. It is based in Las Vegas, and it will serve a variety of players and students. The company is not just lending its name to the facility. It will also offer the help of a team of Herbalife nutritionists. Athletes will also be able to use Herbalife NSF Certified for Sports® product line. It is all part of the company’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

To mark the announcement of the two year deal, two former NBA stars, Tyronn Lue, Patrick O’Bryant, and IMPACT’s founder, Joe Abunassar, put on a clinic and training session for 30 students from Teach for America. The executive director of Teach for America, Sean Parker, understands that there is a direct link between taking part in team events and a student’s ability to graduate school and do well in the work place.

Players from all levels, high school through professional, have trained at the Herbalife IMPACT Basketball Center. Athletes and teams from around the world are also coached on their nutritional needs. The benefits from the coaching and knowledge at the Las Vegas location can be shared across the country through online blogs and video sessions.

Since 1980, Herbalife has researched the best nutritional products for some of the top athletes in the world. Their products can be used by anyone to support a healthy lifestyle. All Herbalife products are sold through their worldwide network of independent distributors. The company has locations around the world in over 90 countries. Herbalife has also been committed to helping everyone have access to better health, and it has done this in part through its philanthropic wing called Herbalife Nutrition Foundation. It works with communities to promote healthy eating and exercise.


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