Lime Crime has a following of women that has been described as similar to a cult. The company has become famous for its line of lipsticks, eyeshadows, highlighters, and hair colors that are designed for women who want to stand out as a unicorn in a crowd of horses. The company’s mascot is a unicorn and founder, Doe Deere, has been given the nickname of Queen of the Unicorns. It is a title she rightly deserves. Doe can be spotted standing out in a crowd with her famously brightly colored hair, ranging from orange, to blue, to pink.


Originally from Russia, Doe Deere started her first business at 13 when she began selling temporary tattoos to people at her school. She has always been an entrepreneur and Lime Crime has reaped the results of her drive.


Doe Deere believes in two things: fairy tales and the power of gorgeous, well-crafted makeup that makes a woman feel beautiful. She says that there is no point in even trying various shades of makeup if it doesn’t make a woman feel beautiful and transformative. This is the power of the unicorn. She strives to make things gorgeous in a world that seems plain and ordinary.


Lime Crime was first founded by Doe Deere as a clothing company. She graduated from college with a degree in fashion and, after that, she spent a short period of time working in the world of high fashion before she realized her life goal was to have her own business. She started Lime Crime as a company that sold clothes for women. She designed, sewed and marketed her clothing all from scratch before selling them on eBay. While her clothing line saw success, she always questioned if designing clothing was the work she wanted to do for the rest her of life.


This was how she transitioned Lime Crime to become a major line of makeup, rather than a clothing line. Lime Crime first debuted as a makeup line in 2008, when it launched a line of eyeshadows and various powders. Doe Deere was committed to ensuring that the brand would always be free of animal cruelty and to be completely vegan friendly.


She states in a recent interview that one of the most challenging choices she has ever had to make was deciding which laboratory she wanted to partner with. She knew that she not only wanted to partner with a lab that was excellent at the work the team did, but also with someone who shared her ultimate vision for Lime Crime and would support her efforts to create her own makeup and ensure it was cruelty-free and vegan friendly. She also said that the laboratory she chose now allows her to have fun and to try out new color choices as she likes.

Doe Deere focuses her business around the fact that beauty products should make you happy, and not be restrictive. She wants her buyers to feel like they are all in a magical fairy land when they use her makeup products. Learn more:

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