Igor Cornelsen was a Brazilian executive in the banking industry for many years. He was a very successful investment banker who led some of the biggest banks in the world. He is now semi-retired and enjoys splitting his time between Brazil and a home he owns in Southern Florida. On a part-time basis he still works as a business consultant. He also manages client’s financial portfolios at his agency Bainbridge Group, Inc.
Investing in financial markets is the best way to save for long-term financial goals, especially retirement. Nothing else offers the same returns. While in the short-term investing in stocks can be seen as risky, over the long-term the overall stock market has always gone up. Igor Cornelsen says that the best way to make money through investing is to not lose it when things go south. Take your money out of the market, he says, and put it back in when buying stocks is a value.
The best way to invest is to make sure you have a diverse portfolio. If you don’t diversify then when one of the companies you are invested in loses a lot of money that can have a drastic impact on your overall returns. Due to this, you need to invest in a lot of companies in different industries. The portfolio should have both very sound companies stocks as well as some riskier companies as well where you can make very good money back.
Igor Cornelsen has been paying very close attention to the Brazilian economy. In recent years it has been a rough go for this country. However, he says that confidence is now returning and companies are earning greater profits. Confidence is very important to have, he explains, as when people are feeling this way they are more likely to start new ventures and expand the economy. Businesses, too, need to have confidence in their products and services in order to effectively sell them. He adds, as well, that companies should develop a good reputation and be credible as otherwise no customer in their right mind is going to trust them.


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