After being in the healthcare sector for over 25 years and engaging in the different investment processes, Jim Tananbaum got an idea that would eventually revolutionize the health sector and ensure that more success can easily be achieved through availing adequate capital in the process. Jim believes that for anything to be successful, capital is a determining factor as it helps to ensure that any tools that are necessary for use can easily be acquired. Likewise, the healthcare sector is an industry that brings together very many factors and the investment process required to that ensure success is achieved tends to be huge. Visit Patient Daily for more details.

His efforts have ended up creating such a huge impact in the healthcare sector such that he was recently listed among the top 100 capitalists on the Midas List. Forbes primarily uses the Midas list to outline some of the greatest investors in the technological world by acquiring the relevant data from public sources as a way of recognizing efforts that are made by various personalities in the society. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Experience is the major factor that helped Jim Tananbaum to realize a gap that needed to be filled in the healthcare sector and that led him to establish Foresite capital as a way of helping investors who intend to bring change in the healthcare sector. By supporting leaders in the area of health, Jim foresaw a point in time where it would be possible to incorporate ideas from different great minds and eventually uplift the health care sector. Jim Tananbaum’s investment profile list is quite long, and it outlines the success that he has had in the area of health. Currently, Foresite Capital boasts of having made different investments in over 77 healthcare enterprises that specialize in bio-pharmaceutical diagnostic, medical service provision, and genomic sequencing. You can view Bloomberg for the details.

Some of the notable companies in which Jim has successfully made an investment into include GelTex Therapeutics, Intarcia Therapeutics, Aimmune Therapeutics, and 10X Genomics. In the process, changes have been experienced such as reduced cost of medicine, thereby, ensuring that anyone can access medication. For instance, GelTex managed to bring drugs into the market that cost only $1.6 million. On the other hand, Mind Strong Health is collecting data from users of smartphone mobiles using an application that helps to diagnose different psychiatric disorders that exist in the society.

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