Kate Hudson recently announced that her mega-brand, Fabletics would be rolling out a new line geared toward plus-sized women. This announcement and the new line will be a huge milestone for Fabletics, a company that has always worked to ensure that top-quality fitness apparel was available to everyone. In addition, the brand has always ensured that the athletic apparel they provide is truly inline with the latest and greatest trends and appeals highly to its consumer base.


The rollout of a line that is focused on plus-size women only further showcases that the brand is becoming a staple of fitness gear. The company is focused on making sure all women, shapes and sizes have comfortable and stylish workout gear. I’ve always been exceptionally top-heavy and have felt the burdens of buying workout leggings in a size small or medium and then roaming a store for an hour attempting to find one piece of clothing that could actually support my chest.


While we all have different body shapes and sizes, this move is just one of the reasons why Fabletics will continue its magnificent growth in the athletic wear market – by becoming even more widely available.


The brand uses a reverse showroom model. This means that instead of visiting a traditional “showroom,” or what most of us just call a store, buyers are treated to a virtual experience with Fabletics.


From the moment they hit the site, users are able to take a really fun Lifestyle Quiz where they fill out a few simple questions and the site’s algorithm then generates a highly specific profile. This profile contains your unique style trends, athletic preferences and general information that help make sure every piece of athletic apparel you receive from Fabletics is highly tailored to you. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics has cultivated such a huge follower page that are so loyal to the company.


Fabletics had a recent article published in CNBC that stated some key tips to becoming as successful as Kate Hudson’s brand. Among her advice she recommends utilizing big data and looking closely for marketing trends to expand your brand. This advice, including others like making sure you are consistently inspired, may be one of the reasons that expanding her product line to ensure all women feel included is so important to Hudson and the company as she built. I, for one, can’t wait for the rollout of the expanded line!

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