Ian King, the founder of Intellicoins, is considered by many to be an expert when it comes to cryptocurrency and investing in the crypto market. But what makes King’s information so meaningful and trustworthy is he’s spent over two decades as a market analyst and trader. After graduating from Lafayette College with a degree in psychology, King was hired by Salomon Brothers and worked in their mortgage bond trading desk. He worked at Citigroup specializing credit derivative origination before moving on to Peahi Capital. He spent 10 years at the New York hedge fund as head trader.

The financial crisis in the early 2000s helped to pique Ian King’s interest in investing in an entirely new industry. As the Federal interest rate moved towards zero, King gradually became aware of a new type of currency. It was called digital money or cryptocurrency. After meeting with a Silicon Valley start-up in 2012, Ian King was certain cryptocurrency was the exchange medium of the future and something worth investigating and investing in. Today, he helps investors make dollars and sense out of the cryptomarkets by creating original content for Investopedia and Banyan Hill Publishing.

At Banyan Hill, Ian King is the cryptocurrency expert. With bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency skyrocketing in value, investors flock to King’s weekly articles on Sovereign Investor Daily for insight and investment tips that will help them to become knowledgeable and savvy enough to join the growing ranks of investors making big money investing in the crypto markets. The cryptocurrency revolution is akin to the Gold Rush. Investing are now doing whatever they can, as quickly as they can to take advantage of this burgeoning new investment vehicle. And Ian King’s insight is like a treasure map. Read more about Ian King at banyanhill.com

Digital currency is transforming the exchange of things of value and what is considered valuable. With cryptocurrency, pieces of unique digital property now hold great value and people are making a fortune investing in it. Currently, Ian King is working with Banyan Hill Publishing to develop a soon to be launched cryptocurrency trading service that educates, advises and helps currency speculators make money investing in cryptocurrency. His job is to help crypto investors identify the opportunities which offer the highest reward with the lowest risk.

Ian King said it was being fearless and ‘neurotically curious’ that led him to look into cryptocurrency. Today his curiosity is benefitting thousands of people.



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