Matthew Fleeger is the president of Gulf Coast Western. He is the acting CEO for the running scheme company formed in 1970 in Dallas. The purpose of this firm is to put up partnerships with investors in the industry so as to unite their talents, familiarity and capital. The investors are well-informed to understand the significance and the risks associated with oil gas and gas examination investments.

Typically Matthew Fleeger starts his day by dropping of his children at school, which is one of the inspiring factors that makes him want to proceed to business; he prioritizes the day, tackle the task vital matter and then work from there.

Matthew Fleeger focused on being efficient despite the heavy oil downturn. Evaluating every aspect of business plus finding ways to minimize operating cost without losing people was what he did. He also made his efforts more creative. He involved his team by allowing them to give their options and later explored several ideas with an open mind. The most significant quality of leadership he gained was to have positive attitude in the face of misfortune.

According to Matthew Fleeger, technological advancement has been of great help to the company. It has helped to create more opportunities and advancements that were not there before in the oil industry.

Diversification is one of the characters that have made Matthew Fleeger to remain successful in the oil market. He has a portion of resources in other industries and those remain diversified. He believes that in every calamity good opportunities always come up. Honesty, integrity and being creative have also helped him to grow his business.

Advice to Young People

Matthew Fleeger advices people to get a balance between life and work. He believes that one should not be too much occupied with making a living and forget o make a life.

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