Despite poor showing across most industries in the financial sector, in overall investment banking made rare forays ahead. Notably, hedge funds made substantial strides ahead despite the sluggish growth in other areas.This year promises to be a positive year in the hedging industry, when compared to previous years.

The hedge fund industry continues to be plagued by trust issues but nevertheless, continues to reap from the same trust issues. Established firms maintained a strong growth momentum. However, there are still strong market jitters every time the other market players make a move. It is now possible to create even better positions in the markets for most firms and overall in the industry.

At Madison Street Capital, the company made deliberate forecasts for the future offering a very bullish expectation of the year. They observed significant growth in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions stating that it is certainly a positive thing for hedging. Though they did not express a very optimistic hedging cry, they reported that current upward momentum of the transactions is undisputed.

However, they noted that the current environment is challenging because the fees payable continue to rise, and operational costs are weighing down on an already thin-veiled room for strategic positions. While this is carried forward following the 2014 positive outlook and a 2015 sluggish oversight, 2016 promises room for optimism. Madison Street Capital, however, warned that confidence mustn’t be construed as room for reduced oversight.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking company based in Chicago, IL. The firms’ primary areas of expertise include M&A, asset management, Valuations and corporate advisory. In the recent past, the company has focused on the middle market investment, specifically in emerging markets of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. In fact, it is one of the leading firms offering the majority of the M&A services.

Karl D’Cunha, a senior managing director, argued that unlike 2015 and earlier when firms tended to resort to old techniques, 2016 comes with more room for experimentation. Executives can now take advantage of improved transaction landscape presented by the new models of consolidation, provision of capital through seeds, incubation services among others that took a substantial hit during the financial recession.

On overall, the investment banking industry will see a positive growth and outcome that will give decision-makers more room to get creative and make bold decisions.

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