Jana Messerschmidt has been reasonably well known among some different niches and rightfully so; she’s held a variety of top positions across a few notable international brand names. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, she held some positions with DivX and AT&T. However, her career really began to take off once she joined Netflix.

During her time with the streaming giant, Ms. Messerschmidt eventually became the Director of Business Development; once there she focused on mobile and consumer electronics partnerships for the company. In 2010, however, she left the company for better opportunities and headed to Twitter; there she quickly became the Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform. There, Jana had an awful lot of duties on her plate. These included the likes of business development, enterprise sales, developer relations, partner engineering, platform operations, as well as platform marketing and strategy.

However, that’s not all that Ms. Messerschmidt is known for; in 2015 she founded #Angels to bring more women to the table in successful start ups and small businesses. So far, this has proven to be a massive success as the company has worked with a few highly successful companies in the past. As a Founding Partner, Jana was joined by a few other serial investors when launching #Angels; most notably these were Chloe Sladden, Jessica Verrilli, April Underwood, Katie Stanton, and Vijaya Gadde. Across a variety of industries, the investment group has helped close to a hundred business since 2015.

With the hiring of Jana Lightspeed has made her an Investment Partner for the consumer team; however, it’s currently unclear how the Jana Lightspeed partnership will go as neither Ms. Messerschmidt or the company have released much information about the hiring other than announcing it.

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