New industries in this world are popping up all of the time. They’re practically impossible to avoid. It’s never difficult to figure out when bureaucracy takes notice of brand new industries and waves, either. Companies out of nowhere all require designated Chief Compliance Officers. They require in-depth divisions that cater to these professionals’ requests and needs as well. Regulations and guidelines can sometimes be helpful to businesses. They can more often than not increase costs for them, however. Increased costs generally translate to mean reduced stock prices, too. There is one true solution for that stock price issue, though. That solution is to focus on regulatory technology which is also known as “regtech.” Regtech can be an enormous investment opening for people. It essentially involves the assistance of devices such as blockchain technology and AI (artificial intelligence) in order to minimize regulatory costs significantly. Regtech takes advantage of a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge software options.

Bain & Co. in 2016 pinpointed 80 up-and-coming businesses that it labeled as being “emerging regtechs” at the time. It labeled these companies in that manner for a couple big reasons. These companies specialized in services and products that were managing to access industries that strongly stressed compliance matters. A couple examples of these industries are both banking and insurance. The majority of these companies are classified as being private. They’re typically close to the startup phase as well. People generally don’t know much about them. They include Flexeye, OnRule, ComplyAdvantage and, lastly, Taxometry. These companies, however, are in all likelihood going to expand considerably in the near future. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about Jess Yastine

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