In December of 2018, the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine, suggested buying stocks that could see a significant uptick in value, due to the fact that they were primed for acquisition. In particular, he recommended three stocks that could take on Amazon concerning its dominance of the online retail sector. He recently referenced Embraer – the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer that saw an increase of one-third to its stock price, as there was the talk of a merger with Boeing. The merger between the two aircraft juggernauts is representative of a growing trend amongst major corporations, and he recently shifted his attention to retailers. It was during his time as an anchor for the PBS Nightly Business Report that he became privy to the inner workings of big-box stores, and because of this, he recently predicted that a number of larger corporations are fixed to purchase smaller retailers in an effort to combat Amazon.

His first recommendation is Kroger, due to the fact that its potential merger with one of Amazon’s major competitors, could help the grocery store chain, which has about 3,000 stores nationwide, compete with Whole Foods, which was recently acquired by Amazon. In his opinion, Kroger has taken all of the right steps up to this point, to allow them to become a major threat, and the fact that its stock prices have fallen about one-third since Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods makes it a mark for acquisition. Watch Jeff Yastine on Youtube

eBay is also a great stock for investors to consider due to its ability to attract a variety of buyers and sellers, keeping it near the top in regards to its status as an online retailer. It also operates several warehouses with order fulfillment services, and already has the potential to overthrow Amazon in a number of categories concerning the retail sector. If it were to become aligned with a powerhouse such as Google, particularly considering that it would benefit greatly from the search engine’s ability to provide free advertising, the value of both companies could increase considerably.

Jeff Yastine also considers W.W. Grainger as a potentially lucrative stock to hold on to, as its price recently dropped due to concerns about its ability to compete with Amazon, as well as the fact that it already has a solid infrastructure in place regarding its distribution and storage facilities. Jeff Yastine further points out that these three companies would make solid investments even if they were not acquired.

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