Jeremy Goldstein is a famous New York Boutique lawyer and is the founder and the chairman of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. It is a boutique firm that offers solutions to the companies when dealing with large amounts of transactions to their employees. The business law expert is a law graduate from the University of New York and masters degree from the Chicago University. He was a committed scholar and keep on updating himself through further research. The great lawyers had over one and a half decade of experience in the legal industry whereby he has specialized in business law and mostly on the compensation of employees.


Jeremy Goldstein had played significant roles in major companies that have done a lot of huge transactions. They include Chevron, AT & T, Verizon, Bank One, Duke Energy and also Merck. He also happens to be a very tremendous and passionate philanthropist. He has donated part of his wealth towards the less fortunate in the society and even happens to have served on the boards of one of the most famous NGO called Fountain House. He is always a committed and a dedicated lawyer whose mandate is to professionally and legally advise many companies.


Jeremy Goldstein once interviewed about the stock options and wanted to enlighten the companies about it. It was after the corporations ceased giving out stock options. They thought that it was a way of saving money but in a real sense, it was not right. He gave some reasons why some companies have ceased providing the options. He said that the value of these stocks at times drops significantly making them invaluable. Jeremy cites very many reasons why stock options are treated as of no cost. However, he also gives the solutions and his recommendations to the problems faced. Some of the advantages of the stock options are that stock options are a preferable compensations modes. They are better than equities, wages and also insurance coverage. Their value happens to increase when the corporate earnings increase. They depend on the business structures.



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