If ever there were a Brazilian company that has raised the bar for the high-end luxury real estate industry in the country, it has to be JHSF. The company has a stellar reputation across the residential and commercial real estate, development and management of high-end malls, high-end hotels and even an international executive hotel.

Ever since its founding in the year 1972, JHSF has distinguished itself with its astute business sense in identifying new opportunities in diverse areas. This has been possible on account of the company always adopting a daring and innovative approach which was ahead of its time. It is not too much of a surprise actually, to find that the company consolidated its position in the capital cities of Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manus.

However, the person responsible to actually raise the bar very high for JHSF was undoubtedly the president, Jose Auriemo Neto who was instrumental in the company’s association with the Hotel Fasano as well as the boutique Daslu. This happened as part of the now iconic residential real estate project, Parque Cidade Jardim which eventually turned out to be the largest and most highly regarded in the country-the very epitome of high end living in Brazil.

This project may be a case study meant to be examined in business schools today, but when Neto had suggested the idea to his predecessor as president and father, the latter had been very skeptical about it for the simple reason that something like that hadn’t been tried before. Neto junior, however, was made of sterner stuff and stood his ground. The rest, as they say, is history. JHSF has always been appreciated and applauded for its quality and high standards in its execution of projects it undertakes. Another salient hallmark of the company has been the importance it accords to incorporating the best practices amenable to sustainability in the implementation of its projects. Not just that, the company has also proactively undertaken some community programs for the betterment of the people living near its projects. Truly a great company in every sense of the term and a lot of the credit goes to the president.


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