Brazil has produced a huge number of successful individuals who have chosen the path to become an entrepreneur. One of them is Jose Hawilla, who is the owner and the founder of the Traffic Group, which he established in the 1980s. Jose Hawilla has been working hard since he established his business. He is involved in a lot of things that would become beneficial to his company, and he has also signed partnerships with other businesses in the same industry to promote the Traffic Group and its services to the public. Today, the Traffic Group is considered as the most significant sports marketing conglomerate in the country, and Jose Hawilla stated that it is just beginning. Reports have surfaced recently, claiming that Jose Hawilla has been acquiring several broadcasting networks which are operating in foreign countries. He is hoping that through the acquisition of smaller broadcasting networks, he would have a broader range of covering international sporting events and earning a lot of profit by licensing them to other networks. You can visit Globo for more.



Jose Hawilla has been focusing on transforming his business to operate at the multinational level. Any sporting event – local or international – is being promoted by the Traffic Group. Jose Hawilla stated that the recent 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and the 2014 FIFA World Cup had given his company a boost, and through marketing these sporting events in a wide range of media, he was able to draw tourists and visitors to come to Brazil and witness the games live. His actions have led to a rise in the country’s income partly due to the spending by the tourists. Check out jornalistasecia




Born in the city of São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, Jose Hawilla has always wanted to become an athlete. During his childhood days, he tried to join the sports club, but his parents told him that sports would not take him anywhere. After finishing college, he worked as a sports journalist, because he still loved sports just like when he was still a kid. Hawilla reached the international sporting arena only by becoming a sports journalist, and then in 1980, he decided to establish the Traffic Group to become more active in the field of sports.


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