Kate Hudson has achieved in three years what many business experts could not achieve in a lifetime. She was able to create a business that rivaled Amazon.


Amazon has remained undefeated since the time of its inception. Being in the race for the first ever trillion dollar corporation, not many business gurus see weakness in Amazon’s business model. Amazon’s strength especially shows in the fashion industry since they control over 20% of the e-commerce market. However, Kate Hudson knows that every dragon has a scale mission.


Kate Hudson and her team at Fabletics found that Amazon was weak in several areas; they could not customize their products, they had no physical retail locations, and they failed to create customer loyalty.


Fabletics, underneath the guidance of Kate Hudson, decided that their athleisure brand would meet the needs of their customers. The difference between Fabletics and Amazon is this; with Amazon, customers must identify their needs first and then take hours to search for a product that gets as close as it can to matching their needs. With Fabletics however, a customer need only tell them what their needs are, and Kate Hudson’s company will tailor make clothes for them.


Fabletics continued taking it to Amazon by increasing their distribution through retail stores. After analyzing the market, Fabletics opened up 16 retail stores throughout the states of Illinois, California, and Hawaii. This has allowed them to reach millions of people who prefer to shop in person. However, opening up retail stores did come with some criticism. Ever since Amazon became an internet giant, many retail stores have suffered from lower sales, but not for the reason you would think. Retail stores suffer from the trend of showrooming, which is the tendency of a consumer to visit retail stores to browse but not to buy. The consumer will then go online and purchase the products they liked for cheaper. However, Kate Hudson dealt with this crucial problem with her third strategy.


Fabletics’ third strategy was to create customer loyalty. This was achieved through hosting local events that promoted both Fabletics and local businesses. The result was phenomenal. 85% of Fabletics’ sales come through repeat customers, and 50% of those entering a retail store are already members.


Fabletics exists to help women achieve more. If you are interested, take their Lifestyle Quiz today and see what outfit is right for you.

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