For the average middle-class worker or low-income earner, first-time homeownership can be daunting and all-too-often impossible. In the Baltimore area, where more than 50 percent of tenants cannot afford to own their home, one man has made it his personal endeavor to transform the American dream into the American reality. Kevin Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC with the specific agenda of enabling low to middle-class would-be homeowners to achieve their dream of a beautiful, upgraded home at a price they can afford. Towards that end, the stated mission of RPS Solutions LLC is to partner with local city officials to renovate current properties from a state of disrepair to a new status of affordable luxury.

Kevin Seawright was motivated to pursue this passion in order to help the child of a lifelong friend, Jerel Brown. This young man had been mentored by Kevin Seawright since he was just a 10-year-old boy. RPS Solutions LLC reached out to Jerel Brown and together they were able to make Brown’s fantasy a reality. When queried about the difference RPS Solutions made in his quality of life, Brown commented, “I was ecstatic for the opportunity to own my first home and have it look like homes you witness in magazines.”

Indeed, as a community leader, Kevin Seawright continues to perpetuate the dream of homeownership for residents of Baltimore. Though one might assume his motivations are purely monetary, it is actually making a permanent impact on people’s lives that motivates the man. Regardless of future successes, the initial achievement for his lifelong student and friend will remain a hallmark of his career. In the face of applause, Kevin Seawright emphasized his warm, humble personality, stating that he was “honored to be in the position to help a young person that worked very hard to achieve homeownership. It was extremely rewarding to support someone that I have mentored since a youth.”

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