Greg Aziz is currently the Chief Executive and President of National Steel Car, as well as Chairman of National Industries Inc. This is a leading railroad freight car manufacturing as well as an engineering company in the world. It is based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. This company has a reputation as it has a commitment of over 100 years in providing quality along with excellence in constructing freight cars.


National Steel Car was founded in 1912. All the freight cars manufactured as well as designed by it have far exceeded the quality standards as expected by the railroad industry or even its customers. This is the reason why National Steel Car still remains the leading railroad tank as well as freight car manufacturer in North America.


The company is known for its innovations in car designs that come each year. It is known for being consistent in terms of timely delivery. Also, this is a dynamic and diverse company that is driven by values.


Due to all these reasons, National Steel Car has been consistently receiving the highest award for quality, namely, TTX SECO since 1996. This is a company that is well trusted by its customers.


This is not all. Greg Aziz believes in philanthropy too. National Steel Car is known for sponsoring many charities. These include the Hamilton Opera, besides the Salvation Army, along with the United Way, as well as Theatre Aquarius. The Christmas party held by the company every year is remembered by all. It has a food drive that is open to all its past and present employees along with their families.


Gregory J Aziz is well educated. He has studied at the Ridley College. Later on, he joined the University of Western Ontario. He has majored in Economics. His career did not start with National Steel Car. It started in 1971 when he joined his family’s business of wholesale foods. This was called the Affiliated Foods. This company grew under him. James Aziz expanded the business so much that it soon became the leading importer of the world. The company was importing fresh foods from Europe, as well as South and Central America. Then these fresh foods were distributed by Affiliated Foods to wholesale markets that were spread across Eastern Canada along with the United States.


But Greg Aziz did not stop there. He went on to work in various banking investments that were based in New York. This allowed him to gain expertise in this field too.

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