ACLU is a human right organization that champions for human rights. It holds true that the constitutional protection enshrined in the Constitution and the bills of rights is true for every person, regardless of their immigration status.

John F Kennedy once said that the rights of one person are diminished once the right of another is threatened. There is a powerful call for this famous quote of one of American most idolized Presidents.

Kennedy posits that for the people to be completely free, and enjoy all their basic rights then they must all endeavor to raise their voice against violations of similar inherent rights and freedoms to other people regardless of their nationality, origin, race, sexual orientation and social status. This call is still relevant there being the repugnant memory of the maxi priest in Nazi Germany. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

There is no more a debated socio political human rights enigma than on the burgeoning problem of immigration. The worldly are seemingly in a time ticking bomb of one of the most catastrophic human right problem posed by illegal immigrants arriving in boats at the northern powers from Africa and the burning Middle East.

ACLU has endeavored to protect the rights of the immigrants through impact litigation, citizenry outreach programs as well as advocating for legislations that defend basic human rights as well as fight those that threaten the fight.

ACLU also notes that this issue is particularly pertinent in the USA where a record 41 million immigrants are, and others are expected to arrive. They, however, highlights that 83 percent of people who are subjected to deportation are also not accorded fair hearing before the law and this contravenes the spirit of universal justice.

The American spends a cool incredible 1.8 billion to deport these immigrants. The immigration system is popular for detaining hundreds of immigrants illegally, subjecting already hopeless people into further inhumane treatment.

The challenge that immigrants face and the existing systemic resistance to human right advocacy and protection is best exemplified by the case of Lacey and Larkin. The two sued the state for illegal detention by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio successfully. They had been arrested and jailed for exposing a grand jury that sort notes from reporters in the middle of the night from their homes. The two journalist had made it their career to defend the first amendment Rights.

In a rather incredible manner, the two dedicated the cool settlement of $3.75 million to immigrant rights advocacy groups in Arizona.

The Frontera fund, Michael Lacey, and Larkin established, has supported many groups that have been vocal in the fight against discrimination, violation of civil, right .legal and right. They have also expanded it to include freedom of speech and civic participation.

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