The evolution of lip balm began around seven years ago when Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller of Evolution of Smooth decided it was time to make some changes in the oral care industry. The duo banded together to create the startup EOS lip balm.

EOS has grown rapidly in popularity since its humble start. The product can be purchased in major pharmacy stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens as well as online on Amazon. It has been spotted being carried in the handbags of celebrities and everyday millennials across the country.

So why is EOS so popular? How is this product so different from your average lip balm? Mehra and Teller converted ordinary lip bam into an extraordinary product. EOS ignites consumer’s senses. Beginning with the packaging, EOS lip balm is housed in a smooth, colorful, spherical tube. Before you’ve even opened it, you’re already made aware that you are in for a treat! Inside is a silky and luscious balm that rolls smoothly on the lips. The lovely scent and taste of the lip balm tops it all off. Even better, EOS is organic!

Today, EOS is a leader in the lip balm industry, but during the rise of the product, consumers had not heard much of Mehra and Teller’s story. That is because they were focused on the development and distribution of the product. Now that EOS is on the rise, it is finally time for the guys to share the whole story, which they did in this article with

EOS may have humble roots, but this unique lip balm stands apart from your run-of-the-mill lip balm. EOS has changed lip balm forever, revolutionizing the way we think about a simple beauty product.


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