Lori Senecal is a leading entrepreneur and one of the most recognized women in business. She attended the McGill University based in Montreal where she studied and acquired a degree in finance. She has defied all the odds that hinder women from becoming successful especially in leading large enterprises. The biggest businesses in the world are run by male CEOs, and Lori has created a name for herself being able to compete with the male CEOs. She has worked for the largest corporations in the world, and she has left a positive impact in every company she has worked. Among the companies Lori has worked for are Coca-Cola, BMW, Ford, MD Partner Network and Kirshenbaum Bond among others.

Lori Senecal currently works for Crispi Porter&Bogusky as the company CEO. The company is famously known as CP+B, and it majorly offers advertising and marketing services to privately own and public companies. CP+B head offices are in Boulder, Colorado, but it has branch offices in 9 countries across the world. In her about.me page, as the enterprise CEO, she has the responsibility of running all the company’s operations at the central office and overseeing all business in all the other nine subsidiaries. She is also responsible for developing business strategies for the firm to help it grow and become known all over the world.

Senecal is very talented in identifying new markets and driving companies towards the realization of their development goals. CP+B is very fortunate to add Senecal into its leadership with her expertise and experience in marketing and advertising the company will be able to attain higher growth and get more clients all over the world. In a male dominated field Lori has been able to handle criticism positively, and she relates with her junior employees very well to make sure they are motivated. Her support base at CP+B is her co-workers who are very close to her. She is more of a servant than a boss, and her humility is what she attributes her success to, she is excellent in raising capital for businesses and getting creative solutions to any challenge in the business world. Having worked with other advertising and marketing agencies, Lori Senecal can understand any company’s vision and offer the most excellent advice on how to market and advertise their products in an efficient manner.

Lori Senecal has been able to encourage CP+B employees to identify their talents. Lori believes that every employee in any firm has a talent that can make him/her deliver exemplary well in her duties. Lori has also created an environment that allows junior employees to bring on board any ideas they have that can accelerate the growth of the company. According to Ad Week, from her active business leadership, she has earned herself some of the most prestigious business awards such as the Quantum Lead Awards and the Game Changer Awards.

Lori Senecal Tumblr page: https://lorisenecalofficial.tumblr.com/

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