Malcolm Casselle is the president and CEO of wax’s Blockchain, a platform involved In digital P&l and investments strategy I gaming industry. He has built an advanced technology team, hired exceptional talent and built a culture of innovation and disrupted business. The company is involved in developing systems that solve the biggest problems in virtual asset markets, which is fragmentation and fraud in the gaming industry. They do so with a simple blockchain enabled widget that allows all the users to instantaneously and immediately buy and sell virtual goods without getting off their game. The wax platform enables all the users to instantaneously buy and sell gaming assets from other players without clicking off their screens and with no frictions. It also eliminates forex problems since it’s a common currency. Wax is also the most decentralized and most flexible consensus model available. Wax is the number one bitcoin merchant on the planet with a worldwide following of users.

The CEO and president of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a graduate degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Malcolm is described by those he has worked with as an exceptional and a dynamic gifted leader. They say he is natural ad a great communicator. He is said to possess very creative minds for unlocking business opportunities for everyone out there. He has worked with so many CEOs that praise him for being a super professional team player and very knowledgeable I many areas including east and western cultures, sales strategies, venture capital, programming, and media. He is a low model to many.

Malcolm CasSelle, president of WAX, is very confident with the gaming platform and says; “The gaming industry will give the word of cryptocurrency to the mainstream”. Wax’s Blockchain is seen as the solution to the problem hodgepodge of the local and regional market are straggling with payment processing, language and security concerns that restricts many to their own countries and regions. It is seen as the only solution to this fragmented market by allowing the buyers and seller to tokenize and sell their assets in a fraud-proof setting.

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