Marc Sparks, the founder of numerous famous ventures and businesses, has been in the business industry for a longer period of time. There were many ups and downs in his professional life yet his continuous struggle didn’t let him lose hope. Every failure let him one step closer to success. He is the kind of man who learns and grows himself from his experiences and utilizes it for other ventures. Having quite a lot of experience, he decided to help others in their businesses. He always found pleasure in helping others. He is quite confident that he knows the power to change the fate of businesses through his knowledge so, he mentors others to identify the causes of problems in businesses and grow them. Many companies have benefitted from him. Many failed businesses were saved by his intellect. Learn more:



Marc Sparks is a resident in Dallas. He maintains his businesses from there. Numerous clients have asked for his help to save their businesses, and with his business insight, he has turned failed businesses to successful ones. Though Marc has been active in many fields but he has quite a good command in the field of telecommunications. He has worked a lot in this field. He also established Blue Jay Wireless, a telecommunication company that is considered one of his greatest success. Apart from this company, Splash Media, an advertising and media company founded by him is also quite successful. He also owns a few companies in finance and many companies dealing with the real state sector located in Texas. Learn more:



Marc has learned a lot in his life through his thirty four years of experience and his endless struggle. He believes that every new venture or work requires focus and determination. Without these things, nothing is successful. His failures taught him to trust God’s pans completely. Failures allow us to take actions of our responsibilities and to become humble and wise. Life is not easy, but you can build a fortune out of it through your hard work and belief. Marc’s book “They can’t eat you” is his reflection as he has shared all the successful and unsuccessful years of his life.



Marc also has a philanthropic heart. He has helped many poor people in Texas by building a homeless shelter, The Samaritan Inn’. He believes that understanding the difficulties and struggles; one can have to build businesses is an important aspect of a successful business. He has tried his best to provide solutions to many companies against their failed businesses, and he has succeeded in it. He is quite satisfied with his work of helping young entrepreneurs. He is of the view that imparting knowledge to others is always beneficial for one’s own self. Learn more:



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