Marc Sparks is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and philanthropist living in Dallas, Texas. Sparks runs Timber Creek Capital and has a portfolio that contains companies in a wide range of industries. He earned a reputation for going from a C student in high school that eschewed college and instead started and ran a series of very successful companies.

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks is involved with a number of telecommunications companies including Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless. He has also been involved in venture investing, real estate and business solutions.

The philanthropic efforts in which Sparks is involved include the Samaritan Inn. It’s a homeless shelter with which he’s been working since the 1980s. Samaritan Inn serves hundreds of people a day. In addition to shelter, it also provides them with food, clothing, job skills and educational opportunities.

Sparks has also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity for many years. He is also a long-time supporter of the Dallas high school magnet program the American Can! Academy. He finds giving back to the community as fulfilling as building successful businesses.

To inspire people facing challenging situations and show them a path that leads to success Sparks recently wrote a book called “They Can’t Eat You”. It details the many obstacles he had to overcome in his personal and professional life in order to be successful.

It shows that there are many paths that lead to success for people willing to do the work that’s necessary. It traces Sparks’ life from his humble beginnings to becoming a multi-millionaire. It also details the multiple philanthropic activities with which he has been involved for decades. It’s the quintessential American rags to riches story.

For his newest venture Marc Sparks is using the experience he gained in his 35 years as an entrepreneur to help others to start companies of their own.

He works with a few entrepreneurs at a time providing them with mentorship, financial guidance, marketing tips, office space and a wide range of other resources necessary to build a successful business. He also talks to them about the passion, tenacity, faith, focus, sense of urgency and savvy for monetization of ideas that helped him to prosper.

Sparks also talks to them about how he has been able to learn from his failures as well as his successes. His goal is to prepare them for everything they will encounter while building a business. Preparing young entrepreneurs for the realities of what they’ll face while growing a business has proven to be very effective in helping them to do well not only in their collaboration with Timber Creek Capital, but also when they are forced to face the often rough-and-tumble business world on their own.

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